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About the instructor:

Rachel Lee received Bachelors of Arts degree in Music at Western Washington University with emphasis of piano repertoire, general music, choral music, and composition. In college, she studied with phenomenal and dedicated music educators and award-winning and internationally recognized scholars of music,  such as Phyllis Pieffer (repertoire and course work - former MTNA president) and Bob Richardson(coursework and Jazz) (Grays Harbor College), Dr.Milica Jelaca-Jovanovic (piano repertoire) and Prof. Roger Briggs (composition), Prof.Tim Fitzpatrick (choral conducting) and Dr. Leslie Guelker-cone (concert choir) and Prof.Jeffrey Gilliam (accompanying) (Western Washington University),  

Before college, she trained at Junamok Piano Academy at early years and had numerous opportunities playing as a pianist/accompanist at church, as well as a pianist in high school and college Jazz band, on aux key in several musical theater productions, and worked as a choral director as well. 
She has been teaching private piano lessons for almost 15 years and she loves teaching students of all ages and levels. She is a founder and managing member of Di Fa Mi LI Academy, LLC, former MTNA member, and currently receiving training in Suzuki Method and RCM mentorship for continuing education and to be in network with other piano instructors and mentors. 

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My Story

My memories of piano lessons were walking to this academy with lots of pianos in practice rooms with three beautiful teachers available to help you practice always waiting in the lobby. I also  got to hear more advanced students playing all the time, which ignited more motivation and inspiration. When I am done with practicing in my practice room, I would work on my theory assignment on table in the lobby area. Sometimes the teacher was available to play Chinese checker or some other games with me or even play some stunning piano pieces. Annually, Our academy would go to amusement park or swimming pool and have the best time as a group and they were my fond memories till now. On the other hand, taking private lesson at home in present times can be a bit different. It can become a lonely battle to practice at home. Therefore, I wanted to create an academy which was like a family. I created FB group to support them outside lesson times to share students' progress by uploading the videos of them playing current pieces, teacher duet pieces, improvisation, and composition. All human-being needs attention and hard-working pianists need every opportunity to perform and celebrate their ongoing endeavor and accomplishment. We, teachers and parents, provide this opportunity together by hosting group lessons, a. k. a. Play Date  monthly. It truly takes a whole village to raise a child. We are the village and one family called Di Fa Mi Li (De Familie means "the family" in Dutch). Please join us in our effort to raise enthusiastic, hard-working, intellectual and happy musicians, who will enjoy this life-long skills, joy, and benefits of music. 


I'm always looking for new family and new musician candidate. I believe every child can be an incredible musician. Let's connect.


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